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My Story

My healing and spiritual journey started with the healing of my son where I realized my own healing can significantly affect  and accelerate my family's collective healing and journey. It continues to open both my mind and my heart. I am 200 hour vinyasa yoga trained and working on my 500 hour training specializing in ayurveda, enneagram, moon cycles and kundalini yoga. In addition to my yoga training I am trained in reflex integration which I incorporate into my yoga sequences to balance the body and brain at its most primitive level. I am level 2 Reiki trained and love the combination of Reiki and Yoga. I am trained in Inner Alignment Coaching with Kim Beekman, working one on one with people to shift their vibration and create awareness so they can live their most abundant life. I am also currently studying Heart Math technology and Intuitive Eating. I want to share all the tools that have helped myself and my family with others. I love working with all layers of the body in a practical, efficient and kind manner. Stay tuned for more specific offerings!


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.


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